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Sweeping, magnificent good beauty international hotel is located in the "Chinese tea drinking," said the AnXiXian hometown in fujian province. Four-star hotel on the west restaurant, taping kora OK, DISCO, sauna, foot bath facilities, ticketing center, business conference, etc. In the most scale, complete functions, luxury business hotel comprehensive large. For fame and honor and cater to meet modern food, clothing, shelter and transportation, leisure, entertainment, business diversified lifestyle needs. The international hotel is comfortable and graceful environment, hospitality service is your business, tourism, entertainment, meeting, vacation the best choice.
The international hotel is a four-star tourist and business hotel, adjacent to the summer, quanzhou, the geography position is very superior. Hotel architecture reflects European culture, rich full-bodied amorous feelings of southeast Asia.



2010 好美國際酒店 版權所有 地址:福建安溪龍湖開發區12號 電話:0595-68788888 傳真:0595-68788899